HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual

Chapter 3 Installing the OpenVMS Operating System

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This chapter explains how to install the OpenVMS Alpha and I64 operating systems. It includes sample output similar to what you might see during an installation and explains how to respond to the prompts.

If you purchased a system with the operating system preinstalled, then most of the information in this chapter does not apply. The first time you power up your preinstalled system, you are prompted to enter only the information necessary to customize your installation. See the documentation provided with your system.

This chapter includes the procedures for booting the OpenVMS operating system kit. The boot procedures differ significantly between Alpha and Itanium-based systems. For additional information about booting Alpha systems, see Appendix A “Booting and Shutting Down Your OpenVMS Alpha System”. Information about setting up and booting Itanium-based systems is located in Appendix B “Configuring OpenVMS I64 Hardware Operation and Boot Operations, and Booting and Shutting Down Your System”. If you are installing OpenVMS for the first time, see the appropriate appendix.

Once the system kit is booted, the procedures for installing OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64 are very similar.

NOTE: Before you install the OpenVMS operating system, ensure that the correct version of firmware is running in your computer. For information about Alpha system firmware, see “Firmware on Alpha Systems”. For I64 system firmware, see “Firmware on Integrity Server Systems”.

This chapter is organized into sections and steps that describe the major tasks for installing OpenVMS, in the order in which these tasks must be performed. “Installation Tasks” includes a checklist that you can use to make sure you perform all the installation tasks described in this chapter.