HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual

Appendix A Booting and Shutting Down Your OpenVMS Alpha System

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This appendix applies to Alpha systems only and explains how to halt, boot, and shut down the operating system. It also includes related information, such as setting the system for automatic booting and using the Writeboot utility. This appendix also includes brief troubleshooting procedures.

This appendix contains the following information:

  • Booting operations, including the following:

    • Booting the operating system CD locally and from an InfoServer system

    • Booting manually from the system disk

    • Performing a conversational (interactive) boot

    • Booting with minimum startup

    • Booting with the XDelta utility (XDELTA)

    • Booting from a different directory

    • Booting with a PMAZB or PMAZC TURBOchannel adapter

    • Booting over the network with an alternate TURBOchannel adapter

    • Booting in an emergency

  • Set, Show, and WRITEBOOT operations, including the following:

    • Setting the system for automatic booting

    • Setting and showing boot devices

    • Setting boot parameters

    • Writing a new boot block

  • Halt and shutdown operations

  • Troubleshooting procedures

For the latest hardware documentation for Alpha computers, see the documents at: