HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual > Chapter 3 Installing the OpenVMS Operating System


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At this point, the system automatically runs AUTOGEN to evaluate your hardware configuration and estimate typical workloads. AUTOGEN then sets system parameters, the sizes of page, swap, and dump files, and the contents of VMSIMAGES.DAT. When AUTOGEN finishes and your system reboots, the installation procedure is complete.

The installation procedure displays messages similar to the following:

       AUTOGEN will now be run to compute the new system parameters. The system
will then shut down and reboot, and the installation or upgrade will be

After rebooting you can continue with such system management tasks as:

Decompressing the System Libraries (not necessary on OpenVMS I64)
Configuring networking software (TCP/IP Services, DECnet, other)
Using SYS$MANAGER:CLUSTER_CONFIG.COM to create an OpenVMS Cluster
Creating FIELD, SYSTEST, and SYSTEST_CLIG accounts if needed

%AUTOGEN-I-BEGIN, GETDATA phase is beginning.
%AUTOGEN-I-NEWFILE, A new version of SYS$SYSTEM:PARAMS.DAT has been created.
You may wish to purge this file.
%AUTOGEN-I-END, GETDATA phase has successfully completed.
%AUTOGEN-I-BEGIN, GENPARAMS phase is beginning.
%AUTOGEN-I-NEWFILE, A new version of SYS$MANAGER:VMSIMAGES.DAT has been created.
You may wish to purge this file.
%AUTOGEN-I-NEWFILE, A new version of SYS$SYSTEM:SETPARAMS.DAT has been created.
You may wish to purge this file.
%AUTOGEN-I-END, GENPARAMS phase has successfully completed.
%AUTOGEN-I-BEGIN, GENFILES phase is beginning.

%AUTOGEN-I-REPORT, AUTOGEN has produced some informational messages that
have been stored in the file SYS$SYSTEM:AGEN$PARAMS.REPORT. You may
wish to review the information in that file.

%AUTOGEN-I-END, GENFILES phase has successfully completed.
%AUTOGEN-I-BEGIN, SETPARAMS phase is beginning.
%AUTOGEN-I-SYSGEN, parameters modified
%AUTOGEN-I-END, SETPARAMS phase has successfully completed.
%AUTOGEN-I-BEGIN, REBOOT phase is beginning.

The system is shutting down to allow the system to boot with the
generated site-specific parameters and installed images.
NOTE: After booting and running AUTOGEN, several messages are displayed at DECwindows startup. For information about these messages and how to avoid them, see the HP DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS Release Notes.