Document revision date: 30 March 2001
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DECamds User's Guide

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Overview of DECamds
Chapter 2 Getting Started
Chapter 3 Managing DECamds Data Windows
Chapter 4 Performing Fixes
Chapter 5 Customizing DECamds
Appendix A Installing the DECamds Data Analyzer
Appendix B DECamds Files and Logical Names


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Overview of DECamds
     1.1     How Does DECamds Work?
     1.2     Where to Install the DECamds Data Analyzer
     1.3     DECamds Security Features
         1.3.1         Understanding DECamds Security Files
         1.3.2         Customizing Security Files
                Setting Up Node Groups
                Defining Data Exchange Access Between Nodes
                Limiting Specific Users to Read Access
         1.3.3         Sending Messages to OPCOM
         1.3.4         Setting Broadcast Intervals for Node Availability Messages
Chapter 2
2 Getting Started
     2.1     Starting DECamds
     2.2     Using the System Overview Window
         2.2.1         Expanding and Collapsing Group Information
         2.2.2         Displaying Additional Data
         2.2.3         Stopping Data Collection
     2.3     Using the Event Log Window
         2.3.1         Displaying Information About an Event Log Entry
         2.3.2         Performing Corrective Action on an Event Log Entry
         2.3.3         Sending Event Information to OPCOM
         2.3.4         Removing an Event from the Event Log Window
         2.3.5         Retaining and Releasing an Event in the Event Log Window
Chapter 3
3 Managing DECamds Data Windows
     3.1     Disk Status Summary Window
     3.2     Volume Summary Window
     3.3     Single Disk Summary Window
     3.4     Page/Swap File Summary Window
     3.5     Node Summary Window
     3.6     Process I/O Summary Window
     3.7     CPU Modes Summary Window
     3.8     CPU Summary Window
     3.9     Memory Summary Window
     3.10     Single Process Summary Window
     3.11     Lock Contention Summary Window
     3.12     Single Lock Summary Window
     3.13     Cluster Transition/Overview Summary Window
         3.13.1         Data Displayed
         3.13.2         Notes About the Display
     3.14     System Communications Architecture Summary Window
         3.14.1         Notes About the Display
     3.15     NISCA Summary Window
         3.15.1         Data Displayed
         3.15.2         Notes About the Display
Chapter 4
4 Performing Fixes
     4.1     Understanding Fixes
     4.2     Performing Fixes
         4.2.1         Adjust Quorum Fix
         4.2.2         Adjust Process Quota Limit
         4.2.3         Adjust Working Set Fix
         4.2.4         Change Process Priority Fix
         4.2.5         Crash Node Fix
         4.2.6         Exit Image and Delete Process Fixes
         4.2.7         Purge Working Set Fix
         4.2.8         Suspend Process and Resume Process Fixes
     4.3     Examples for Fixing Low Memory Availability
         4.3.1         Performing a Fix Using Automatic Fix Settings
         4.3.2         Performing a Fix Using Manual Investigation
Chapter 5
5 Customizing DECamds
     5.1     Customizing DECamds Defaults
         5.1.1         Setting Default Data Collection
         5.1.2         Setting Automatic Event Investigation
         5.1.3         Setting Automatic Lock Investigation
     5.2     Filtering Data
         5.2.1         Filtering Events
         5.2.2         Customizing Events
     5.3     Sorting Data
     5.4     Setting Collection Intervals
     5.5     Optimizing Performance with System Settings
         5.5.1         Optimizing DECamds Software
                Setting Process Quotas
                Setting LAN Load
                Setting Window Customizations
         5.5.2         Optimizing System Settings
                Setting Data Link Read Operations
                Setting the Communications Buffer
         5.5.3         Optimizing Performance with Hardware
Appendix A
Appendix A Installing the DECamds Data Analyzer
     A.1     General Installation Information
     A.2     Data Analyzer Installation Requirements
     A.3     Obtaining the Data Analyzer Software
     A.4     Installing Data Analyzer Software from a PCSI Kit
     A.5     Postinstallation Tasks on Data Provider Nodes
         A.5.1         Starting, Stopping, and Reloading DECamds
     A.6     Postinstallation Tasks on a Data Analyzer Node
     A.7     Starting to Use the Data Provider
     A.8     Determining and Reporting Problems
     A.9     Running the Installation Verification Procedure Separately
Appendix B
Appendix B DECamds Files and Logical Names
     B.1     Files and Logical Names for the Data Analyzer Node
     B.2     Files and Logical Names for Data Provider Nodes
     B.3     Log Files
     B.4     Event Log File
     B.5     Lock Contention Log File
     B.6     OPCOM Log

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