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HP OpenVMS systems

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HP OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual

HP OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual

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    Macro-32 compiler
    MACRO-64 assembler
Macro--32 compiler
MACRO--32 compiler
    alignment precedence #1
    alignment precedence #2
    consequences of noncompliant code
Macro-32 register mapping
MACRO--64 assembler, consequences of noncompliant code
MACRO compiler
    register mapping
MACRO language
    data type declarations
    generating argument lists
    implementation table
Macro libraries
MACRO linkage directives
    use in preserving register
    calling system services
    generating argument list
        CALLG instruction
        CALLS instruction
    system services #1
    system services #2
Magnetic tapes
    initializing within a program
Mailboxes #1
Mailboxes #2
Mailboxes #3
Mailboxes #4
    creating #1
    creating #2
    for interprocess communication
        using SYS$QIO
        using SYS$QIOW
    protection #1
    protection #2
    reading data from
    temporary #1
    temporary #2
    writing data to
Mapped files
mask_byte data type
mask_longword data type
mask_quadword data type
mask_word data type
Mathematical functions
    SYSGEN parameter
    SYSGEN parameter
    SYSGEN parameter
Mechanism argument vectors #1
Mechanism argument vectors #2
Mechanism argument vectors #3
Mechanism argument vectors #4
    on Alpha systems
    on VAX systems
Mechanism arrays, format
Mechanism entry, in argument descriptions
mechanism_args data type
    allocating algorithms
    allocating and freeing blocks
    allocating and freeing pages
    locking page into #1
    locking page into #2
    reads and writes
        on VAX systems
    reads and writes on Alpha systems
Memory fragmentation
Memory management system services #1
Memory management system services #2
Memory-resident global sections
Memory stack
Memory stack parameters
    creating with SMG$ routines
Message text, specifying variables in
Message utility (MESSAGE) #1
Message utility (MESSAGE) #2
Message utility (MESSAGE) #3
    accessing message object module
    associating messages with exception conditions
    compiling message file
    creating a message object library
    .END directive
    .FACILITY directive
    facility name
    facility number
    FAO parameters
    /FAO_COUNT qualifier
    logging messages
    message object module
    message text
    message text variables
    modifying a message source file
    .SEVERITY directive
    source module
    .TITLE directive
Middleware services
    client/server software
Mixed-language programming, calling conventions
Modularity, virtual displays
MOUNT privilege
Multiple execution contexts
Multiprocess applications
Multiprocessor environment
Multistreamed work load
Name Hidden attribute
Name services #1
Name services #2
Namespaces, listing information
$name_G macro
$name_G macro call
$name_S macro
$name_S macro call
Naming spawned subprocess
NARGS keyword
NaT bits
    in floating-point register arguments
    in general register arguments
National Character Set (NCS) utility
Natural alignment
    in floatng-point register arguments
Network management
No Access attribute
nondialogue mode
    reference #1
    reference #2
    reference #3
    reference #4
    reference #5
    reference #6
    reference #7
    reference #8
    reference #9
    reference #10
Null devices
Null frame procedures
    for I64
null_arg data type
Numeric time
Object files
Object libraries #1
Object libraries #2
    adding a module
    deleting a module
    extracting a module
    including message object module
    listing modules
    replacing a module
Object-oriented programming
octaword_signed data type
octaword_unsigned data type
Open standards
Open systems
OpenVMS Alpha operating systems
    migrating to
OpenVMS Alpha System-Code Debugger
OpenVMS Cluster systems, ICC programming
OpenVMS Debugger (debugger)
OpenVMS Debugger utility
OpenVMS I64 operating systems
    migrating to
OpenVMS systems
    compliance with open standards
    open systems capability
    system services
OpenVMS usage entry
    in argument descriptions
OpenVMS utility routines
Outer mode ASTs
Output formatting control routine
Output registers #1
Output registers #2
Overview of the OpenVMS Operating System

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