HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual > Chapter 4 Before Upgrading the OpenVMS Operating System

Preupgrade Tasks

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Use the checklist in Table 4-1 “Preupgrade Checklist” to ensure that you perform all necessary tasks prior to upgrading your system.

Table 4-1 Preupgrade Checklist

Review relevant documentation.“Documentation to Review Before Upgrading Your System”

Review notes, cautions, and restrictions about the following:

  • Upgrade paths to Version 8.3

  • Update license requirements

  • Components you choose not to install

  • Upgrade issues after the system disk directory structure has been changed

  • Licenses and possible reinstallation requirements for layered products

“Notes, Cautions, and Restrictions”
Check for software that must be manually removed.“Software That Must Be Manually Removed”
Save files that you do not want deleted by the upgrade procedure.“Saving Files from Being Deleted by the Upgrade”
Prepare the system disk.“Preparing the System Disk”
Ensure that you have a recent FEEDBACK.DAT file.“Ensuring You Have a Recent FEEDBACK.DAT File”
Perform required actions before upgrading in a volume shadowing environment.“Shadowing Environment”
Back up the current system disk.“Backing Up the System Disk”
Shut down the system.“Finishing Preupgrade Tasks”