HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual > Chapter 4 Before Upgrading the OpenVMS Operating System

Notes, Cautions, and Restrictions

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This section provides important information that can affect the success of your upgrade. Review the cautions, restrictions, and notes carefully before you begin the upgrade.

Upgrade Paths

The following subsections describe the various types of upgrades to OpenVMS Version 8.3.

Direct Upgrade Paths

You can upgrade directly to OpenVMS I64 Version 8.3 from only the following versions of OpenVMS I64:

  • Version 8.2-1

  • Version 8.2

You can upgrade directly to OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.3 from only the following versions of OpenVMS Alpha:

  • Version 8.2

  • Version 7.3-2

Indirect Upgrade Paths

If you are running a version of OpenVMS Alpha earlier than Version 7.3-2, you cannot upgrade directly to Version 8.3. Instead, you must first upgrade to Version 7.3-2 (depending on the version of OpenVMS you are running, you might need to upgrade to an intermediate version first). For example, if you are running OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1, you first need to upgrade to either Version 7.2, 7.2-1, or 7.2-2, and then you can upgrade to Version 7.3-2, and then to Version 8.3. If you are running OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.2 or later, you can upgrade directly to Version 7.3-2, and then to Version 8.3.

Update License Requirements

IMPORTANT: To upgrade to OpenVMS Version 8.3, you must have an appropriate license.

HP software licenses grant the right to use the current version of a product or any previous version of the product at the time of purchase.

NOTE: When you initially purchase the OpenVMS software and license, HP provides a Product Authorization Key (PAK) that is required to enable the License Management Facility (LMF) to register the license and to validate and authorize subsequent use of the product. A PAK does not provide license or new version rights. For more information about licensing and the License Management Facility, see the HP OpenVMS License Management Utility Manual.

If you need an Update License, please contact your HP Sales representative.

Components You Choose Not to Install

If you choose not to install optional OpenVMS networking software (DECnet or TCP/IP) or the DECwindows/Motif GUI during the upgrade, the upgrade procedure removes these products from the system disk. For information about checking for appropriate versions of software on your system and for certain products requiring that you manually remove older versions, see “Software That Must Be Manually Removed”.

NOTE: Unless you have specific reasons to do otherwise, HP recommends that you accept the defaults and install all OpenVMS options. OpenVMS and layered products have various dependencies on many of these options. Even if you think you do not need certain options, some OpenVMS or layered product operations might not work correctly if other OpenVMS options are not installed.

Note also that, for OpenVMS I64 installations, the availability of certain options depends on the OE you have purchased. For example, OpenVMS Management Station is available with the Enterprise Operating Environment (EOE) and the Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCOE).

Licenses and Layered Products

The upgrade procedure is designed so that you do not need to reinstall most layered products after the upgrade. However, you might need to reinstall certain layered products because of product-specific installation procedures.

The upgrade procedure leaves your OpenVMS license and layered product licenses intact. You do not need to reinstall these licenses after you upgrade.