HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual > Chapter 2 Preparing to Install in an OpenVMS Cluster Environment

Preinstallation Tasks for OpenVMS Cluster Environments

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Use the checklist in Table 2-1 “Preinstallation Checklist” to ensure that you perform all necessary tasks prior to installing your system in an OpenVMS Cluster environment.

Table 2-1 Preinstallation Checklist

Review relevant OpenVMS operating system and OpenVMS Cluster documentation.“Review OpenVMS Cluster Documentation and Other Sources of Information”
Familiarize yourself with mixed-version, mixed-architecture, and migration support in OpenVMS Cluster systems.“Mixed-Version Support in OpenVMS Cluster Systems”
Have information ready to provide at the system prompt during an installation.“OpenVMS Cluster Information You Need”
Make sure the target system disk is not mounted elsewhere in the cluster.“Dismount the Target System Disk Elsewhere in the Cluster”
Begin the installation.Chapter 3 “Installing the OpenVMS Operating System”