HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS Volume 2: HP SSL for OpenVMS

Chapter 1 Installation and Release Notes

  Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Installation Requirements and Prerequisites
Hardware Prerequisites
Software Prerequisites
Account Quotas and System Parameters
New Features in HP SSL Version 1.3 for OpenVMS
OpenSSL Documentation from The Open Group
Installing HP SSL for OpenVMS Automatically During OpenVMS Installation or Upgrade
Downloading and Installing HP SSL for OpenVMS from Web Site
Before Installing HP SSL for OpenVMS
Installation Procedure
Postinstallation Tasks
After Automatic Installation of HP SSL During OpenVMS Installation or Upgrade
After Download and Installation of HP SSL from Web Site
HP SSL Directory Structure
Building an HP SSL Application
Building an Application Using 64-Bit APIs
Building an Application Using 32-Bit APIs
Release Notes
Legal Caution
HP SSL APIs Not Backward Compatible
Changes to APIs in OpenSSL 0.9.7e
Preserve Configuration Files Before Manually Uninstalling HP SSL
Warning Against Uninstalling HP SSL from OpenVMS Version 8.3 or Higher Using the PRODUCT REMOVE Command
SSL$STARTUP.TEMPLATE Removed From HP SSL Version 1.3
Configuration Command Procedure Template Files
HP SSL Requirement to Install on System Disk
Shut Down HP SSL Before Installing on Common System Disk
OpenSSL Version Command Displays HP SSL for OpenVMS Version
Shareable Images Containing 64-Bit and 32-Bit APIs Provided
Linking with HP SSL Shareable Images
Certificate Tool Cannot Have Simultaneous Users
Protect Certificates and Keys
Enhancements to the HP SSL Example Programs
Environment Variables
IDEA and RC5 Symmetric Cipher Algorithms Not Supported
APIs RAND_egd, RAND_egd_bytes, and RAND_query_egd_bytes Not Supported
Documentation from the OpenSSL Web Site
Extra Certificate Files — *PEM
Known Problem: Certificate Verification with OpenVMS File Specifications
Known Problem: BIND Error in TCP/IP Application
Known Problem: Server Hang in HP SSL Session Reuse Example Program
Known Problem: Compaq C++ V5.5 CANTCOMPLETE Warnings
Problem Corrected: Possible Errors Using PRODUCT REMOVE
Problem Corrected: Error Running OpenSSL Command Line Utility on ODS-5 Disks
Problem Corrected: Attempt to Encrypt within SMIME Subutility Caused Access Violation
Problem Corrected: Race Condition When CRLs are Checked in a Multithreaded Environment

This chapter contains hardware and software prerequisites, installation instructions, postinstallation tasks, instructions for building your application, the HP SSL directory structure, and release notes for HP SSL Version 1.3 for OpenVMS. For an overview of HP SSL, see Chapter 2.

The information in this chapter applies to HP SSL running on OpenVMS I64 and OpenVMS Alpha. For information about HP SSL for OpenVMS VAX, see the HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS, Volume 2: HP SSL for OpenVMS for HP SSL Version 1.2.