HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS Volume 2: HP SSL for OpenVMS > Chapter 1 Installation and Release Notes

HP SSL Directory Structure

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After the installation is complete, the HP SSL directory structure is as follows:

[SSL] - Top-level directory created by default in SYS$SYSDEVICE:[VMS$COMMON].
One of the following three directories:
[SSL.ALPHA_EXE] - Contains images for the Alpha platform.
[SSL.IA64_EXE] - Contains images for the I64 platform.
[SSL.VAX_EXE] - Contains images for the VAX platform.
[SSL.COM] - Contains command procedures.
[SSL.DEMOCA] - Contains demos for SSL's CA features
[SSL.DEMOCA.CERTS] - Contains certificates and keys.
[SSL.DEMOCA.CONF] - Contains configuration files.
[SSL.DEMOCA.CRL] - Contains revoked certificates and CRLs.
[SSL.DEMOCA.PRIVATE] - Contains private keys and random data.
[SSL.DOC] - OpenSSL Group-provided documentation and information.
[SSL.INCLUDE] - Contains C header (.H) files.
[SSL.TEST] - Contains files used during the Installation Verification Procedure (IVP).
[SYS$STARTUP] - Contains startup and shutdown templates and files.
[SYSHLP] - Contains release notes.
[SYSHLP.EXAMPLES.SSL] - Contains SSL crypto and secure session examples.
[SYSLIB] - Contains SSL shareable image files.
[SYSTEST] - Contains SSL$IVP.COM test files.

Note that the HP SSL example programs are located in SYS$COMMON:[SYSHLP.EXAMPLES.SSL]. (The logical name SSL$EXAMPLES points to this directory.) These example programs are also shown and discussed in Chapter 5.