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OpenSSL Documentation from The Open Group

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Documentation about the OpenSSL project and The Open Group is available at the following URL:


The OpenSSL documentation was written for UNIX users. When reading UNIX-style OpenSSL documentation, note the following differences between UNIX and OpenVMS:

  • File specification format

    The OpenSSL documentation shows example file specifications in UNIX format. For example, the UNIX file specification /dka100/foo/bar/file.dat is equivalent to DKA100:[FOO.BAR]FILE.DAT on OpenVMS.

  • Directory format

    Directories (pathnames) that begin with a period (.) on UNIX begin with an underscore (_) on OpenVMS. In addition, on UNIX, the tilde (~) is an abbreviation for SYS$LOGIN. For example, the UNIX pathname ~/.openssl/profile/prefs.js is equivalent to the OpenVMS directory [._OPENSSL.PROFILE]PREFS.JS.