Document revision date: 15 October 2001
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Compaq PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Advanced Server)
Server Administrator's Guide

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Event logging
    See also Auditing
Event logs
        changing size of
        common event log
        table of
EventLog service
    autoshare errors
    connection failures due to licensing problems
    process startup and shutdown
    related to OpenVMS errors
Execution queue #1
Execution queue #2
Expiration dates for user accounts
External authentication
    bypassing #1
    bypassing #2
    maximum number of signon operations
    server capacity
Failover #1
Failover #2
    OpenVMS Cluster, defined
File names
    aliases for
    and MS-DOS compatibility #1
    and MS-DOS compatibility #2
    MS-DOS and Windows
File security information
    Windows NT
File security problems
File systems (OpenVMS)
    access permissions
    auditing access
    inheriting access permissions
    naming conventions
    naming conventions for MS-DOS
    naming conventions for Windows computers
    ownership #1
    ownership #2
    ownership inheritance for created files
    permissions inheritance for created files #1
    permissions inheritance for created files #2
        improving disk space usage for
        optimizing disk storage space
    planning access permissions
    security information
        and optimizing disk storage space
        building of
        optimizing disk storage space for
    setting access permissions
Files per Client value
Generic queue #1
Generic queue #2
Global groups #1
Global groups #2
    how they are used
Global user accounts
    description of
    access to shared resources
    adding users to
    planning for
    primary group
    setting up
    term defined
Guest account
    description of
    for ADMINISTER commands
Home directories
    specifying for users
Host mapping
    setting up
Index file
Inheriting permissions
    table of
Intermittent problems
IPC$ share #1
IPC$ share #2
LAN Manager server
    and PWRK$CONFIG.COM #1
    and PWRK$CONFIG.COM #2
    Autoshare keyword
    Browser keywords
    BROWSER section
    default file
    file contents
    file organization
    NETLOGON keywords
    NETLOGON section
    Noautoshare keyword
    NODE_servername keywords
    NODE_servername section
    Server keywords
    SERVER section
    syntax of
    VMSSERVER keywords
    VMSSERVER section
    WORKSTATION keywords
    WORKSTATION section
LANMAN.INI keywords
    changing values of
    acquisition problems
    for Advanced Server
LMHOSTS name resolution
Load balancing
    in LANs
    in WANs
Load broker #1
Load broker #2
Local authentication
Local groups #1
Local groups #2
    how they are used
Local user accounts
    description of
Lockout policy
    See Accounts lockout, User accounts
Log files
    table of
LOGOFF command
LOGON command #1
LOGON command #2
Logon scripts
    controlling access to
    setting up
Logon validation
Management interfaces
    table of
max-members load broker parameter
Maximum concurrent signons
MaxSize parameter
Member server
    local domain management
    management #1
    management #2
Memory, physical
Messages, sending
Messenger service
Metric Server #1
Metric Server #2
MODIFY command
        on member servers
MS-DOS file naming conventions
NetBEUI protocol
NetBEUI transport, enabling and disabling
NetBIOS name resolution
NETLOGON default share
NetLogon service
    and logon scripts
    and security accounts database
    enable recommended
    on member servers
    administration overview
    displaying events
    logging on
    time server
Network adapter card
Network interface card
    See Network adapter card
    See Network adapter card
Noautoshare keyword
NoAutoshare server configuration parameter

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