Document revision date: 15 October 2001
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Compaq PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Advanced Server)
Server Administrator's Guide

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Chapter 7
7 Managing Server Configuration Parameters
     7.1     Overview of Server Configuration
         7.1.1         Server System Environment Parameters
         7.1.2         Server-Specific LANMAN.INI Configuration Parameters
     7.2     Using the Configuration Manager
         7.2.1         Starting the Configuration Manager
         7.2.2         Exiting the Configuration Manager
         7.2.3         Getting Help on the Configuration Manager
         7.2.4         Modifying Basic Configuration Parameters
                Specifying a Server's Client Capacity
                Specifying the Percent of Physical Memory Used
                Specifying Server Data Cache Size
                Specifying the Maximum Number of Concurrent Signons
                Specifying OpenVMS Process Priority
         7.2.5         Modifying Advanced Configuration Parameters
                Enabling and Disabling Open File Caching
                Setting the Open File Caching Interval
                Specifying the Files per Client
                Specifying the Byte Range Locks per Client
                Enabling Dynamic Security Upgrade
                Specifying the Server Security Model
                Saving Advanced Configuration Parameter Changes
         7.2.6         Configuring Transports
                Enabling and Disabling Transports
                Selecting NetBIOS Name Resolution
                Saving Transport Configuration Parameter Changes
         7.2.7         Verifying and Saving the New Configuration
         7.2.8         Navigating the Configuration Manager Using a Keyboard
     7.3     Using the LANMAN.INI File
         7.3.1         File Organization
                Default LANMAN.INI File
         7.3.2         File Contents
                Syntax of the LANMAN.INI File
                Changing Keyword Values
                BROWSER Section
                NETLOGON Section
                NODE_servername Section
                SERVER Section
                VMSSERVER Section
                WORKSTATION Section
         7.3.3         Defining Autoshares
                The Autoshare Keyword
                The Noautoshare Keyword
                Autosharing in an OpenVMS Cluster Environment
Appendix A
Appendix A Network Protocols
     A.1     Understanding the OSI Reference Model
     A.2     Choosing a Network Adapter Card
     A.3     Choosing a Network Protocol
         A.3.1         TCP/IP Protocol
         A.3.2         NetBEUI Protocol
         A.3.3         DECnet-Plus Protocol
6-1 ADMINISTER/ANALYZE Command and Display
6-2 ADMINISTER/ANALYZE/FULL Command and Display
2-1 One-Way Trust Relationship: KANSAS Domain Trusting LANDOFOZ Domain
2-2 Two-Way Trust Relationship Between Domains KANSAS and LANDOFOZ
7-1 Basic Configuration Parameters Screen
7-2 Advanced Configuration Parameters Screen
7-3 Transport Configuration Parameters Screen
7-4 Confirmation Screen
7-5 Information Screen
A-1 OSI Reference Model
A-2 Transport Protocol
1-1 Network Administration Interfaces
1-2 Administrative Groups
2-1 Role Changes
2-2 Disallowed or Restricted Commands When Administering a Member Server's Local Database
2-3 Events You Can Audit
2-4 Network Services on the Advanced Server
3-1 User Account Attributes
3-2 Specifying Logon Hours
3-3 Uses of Local and Global Groups
3-4 Built-In Groups
4-1 Security Checks
4-2 OpenVMS Group Codes
4-3 Default Values for RMS File and Directory Protections
4-4 Tradeoffs Regarding the STORE_SECURITY_ACES Parameter Settings
4-5 Network Administrative Shares
4-6 Sample Default Autoshare Names
4-7 Default Shares
4-8 Share Permissions
4-9 Directory Access Permissions and Actions on Directories
4-10 Directory Access Permissions and Actions on Files
4-11 Advanced Server File-Naming Conventions
6-1 Alerter Configuration Parameters
6-2 Event Log Files
6-3 Information in Event Files
6-4 ELFREAD Command Options
6-5 Log File Names
6-6 Event Logger Command Qualifiers
6-7 Procedure for Solving Intermittent Problems
6-8 Procedure for Solving Domain and Computer Problems
6-9 Procedure for Solving Server Operation Problems
6-10 Procedure for Solving Service Problems
6-11 Procedure for Solving Client Connection Problems
6-12 Procedure for Solving Share Access Problems
6-13 Procedure for Solving Printing Problems
6-14 Procedure for Solving User Account Problems
6-15 Procedure for Solving Problems of Privileged Users
6-16 Procedure for Solving Problems Connecting to the Advanced Server
6-17 Procedure for Solving License Validation Problems
7-1 Security Model Configuration Parameter Settings
7-2 Keys for Controlling the Configuration Manager
7-3 Browser Keywords
7-4 NETLOGON Keywords
7-5 NODE_ servername Keywords
7-6 Server Keywords
7-7 VMSSERVER Keywords
7-8 WORKSTATION Keywords
A-1 Supported Transports and Protocols
A-2 TCP/IP Protocol
A-3 NetBEUI Protocol
A-4 DECnet-Plus Protocol

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