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HP OpenVMS Debugger Manual

HP OpenVMS Debugger Manual

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Part III
Part III DECwindows Motif Interface
Chapter 8
8 Introduction
     8.1     Introduction
         8.1.1         Convenience Features
     8.2     Debugger Windows and Menus
         8.2.1         Default Window Configuration
         8.2.2         Main Window
                Title Bar
                Source View
                Menus on Main Window
                Call Stack Menu
                Push Button View
                Command View
         8.2.3         Optional Views Window
                Menus on Optional Views Window
     8.3     Entering Commands at the Prompt
         8.3.1         Debugger Commands That Are Not Available in the HP DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS Interface
     8.4     Displaying Online Help About the Debugger
         8.4.1         Displaying Context-Sensitive Help
         8.4.2         Displaying the Overview Help Topic and Subtopic
         8.4.3         Displaying Help on Debugger Commands
         8.4.4         Displaying Help on Debugger Diagnostic Messages
Chapter 9
9 Starting and Ending a Debugging Session
     9.1     Starting the Kept Debugger
     9.2     When Your Program Completes Execution
     9.3     Rerunning the Same Program from the Current Debugging Session
     9.4     Running Another Program from the Current Debugging Session
     9.5     Debugging an Already Running Program
     9.6     Interrupting Program Execution and Aborting Debugger Operations
     9.7     Ending a Debugging Session
     9.8     Additional Options for Starting the Debugger
         9.8.1         Starting the Debugger by Running a Program
         9.8.2         Starting the Debugger After Interrupting a Running Program
         9.8.3         Overriding the Debugger's Default Interface
                Displaying the Debugger's HP DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS User Interface on Another Workstation
                Displaying the Debugger's Command User Interface in a DECterm Window
                Displaying the Command Interface and Program Input/Output in Separate DECterm Windows
                Explanation of DBG$DECW$DISPLAY and DECW$DISPLAY
     9.9     Starting the Motif Debug Client
         9.9.1         Software Requirements
         9.9.2         Starting the Server
         9.9.3         Primary Clients and Secondary Clients
         9.9.4         Starting the Motif Client
         9.9.5         Switching Between Sessions
         9.9.6         Closing a Client/Server Session
Chapter 10
10 Using the Debugger
     10.1     Displaying the Source Code of Your Program
         10.1.1         Displaying the Source Code of Another Routine
         10.1.2         Displaying the Source Code of Another Module
         10.1.3         Making Source Code Available for Display
         10.1.4         Specifying the Location of Source Files
     10.2     Editing Your Program
     10.3     Executing Your Program
         10.3.1         Determining Where Execution Is Currently Paused
         10.3.2         Starting or Resuming Program Execution
         10.3.3         Executing Your Program One Source Line at a Time
         10.3.4         Stepping into a Called Routine
         10.3.5         Returning from a Called Routine
     10.4     Suspending Execution by Setting Breakpoints
         10.4.1         Setting Breakpoints on Source Lines
         10.4.2         Setting Breakpoints on Routines with Source Browser
         10.4.3         Setting an Exception Breakpoint
         10.4.4         Identifying the Currently Set Breakpoints
         10.4.5         Deactivating, Activating, and Canceling Breakpoints
         10.4.6         Setting a Conditional Breakpoint
         10.4.7         Setting an Action Breakpoint
     10.5     Examining and Manipulating Variables
         10.5.1         Selecting Variable Names from Windows
         10.5.2         Displaying the Current Value of a Variable
         10.5.3         Changing the Current Value of a Variable
         10.5.4         Monitoring a Variable
                Monitoring an Aggregate (Array or Structure) Variable
                Monitoring a Pointer (Access) Variable
         10.5.5         Watching a Variable
         10.5.6         Changing the Value of a Monitored Scalar Variable
     10.6     Accessing Program Variables
         10.6.1         Accessing Static and Nonstatic (Automatic) Variables
         10.6.2         Setting the Current Scope Relative to the Call Stack
         10.6.3         How the Debugger Searches for Variables and Other Symbols
     10.7     Displaying and Modifying Values Stored in Registers
     10.8     Displaying the Decoded Instruction Stream of Your Program
     10.9     Debugging Tasking (Multithread) Programs
         10.9.1         Displaying Information About Tasks (Threads)
         10.9.2         Changing Task (Threads) Characteristics
     10.10     Customizing the Debugger's HP DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS Interface
         10.10.1         Defining the Startup Configuration of Debugger Views
         10.10.2         Displaying or Hiding Line Numbers in Source View and Instruction View
         10.10.3         Modifying, Adding, Removing, and Resequencing Push Buttons
                Changing a Button's Label or Associated Command
                Adding a New Button and Associated Command
                Removing a Button
                Resequencing a Button
         10.10.4         Editing the Debugger Resource File
                Defining the Key Sequence to Display the Breakpoint Dialog Box
                Defining the Key Sequence for Language-Sensitive Text Selection
                Defining the Font for Displayed Text
                Defining the Key Bindings on the Keypad
     10.11     Debugging Detached Processes

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