Document revision date: 30 March 2001
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Guide to Creating OpenVMS Modular Procedures

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Chapter 5
5 Integrating Modular Procedures
     5.1     Creating Facility Prefixes
     5.2     Creating Object Module Libraries
     5.3     Creating Shareable Image Libraries
Chapter 6
6 Maintaining Modular Procedures
     6.1     Making Your Procedures Upwardly Compatible
     6.2     Regression Testing
     6.3     Adding Arguments to Existing Routines
         6.3.1         Adding New Arguments to the Procedure
         6.3.2         Using Argument Blocks
     6.4     Updating Libraries
         6.4.1         Updating Object Libraries
         6.4.2         Updating Shareable Images
Appendix A
Appendix A Summary of Modular Programming Guidelines
     A.1     Coding Rules
         A.1.1         Calling Interface
         A.1.2         Initializing
         A.1.3         Reporting Exception Conditions
         A.1.4         AST Reentrancy
         A.1.5         Resource Allocation
         A.1.6         Format and Content of Coded Modules
         A.1.7         Upward Compatibility
2-1 FORTRAN Program Showing the Improper Use of Implicit Arguments
2-2 FORTRAN Program Combining Procedures to Avoid Implicit Arguments
2-3 Static Storage and AST Reentrancy
2-4 Sample Module Description
2-5 Sample Procedure Description
3-1 Pascal Program That Uses a First-Time Flag
3-2 BASIC Initialization Procedure for LIB$INITIALIZE
3-3 Program to Add Address to PSECT LIB$INITIALIZE
3-4 BASIC Main Program
3-5 VAX MACRO Program Showing Use of Queue Instructions to Perform All Accesses in a Single Instruction
3-6 MACRO Program Showing Use of Test and Set Instructions
3-7 FORTRAN Program Disabling and Restoring ASTs
1-1 Developing a Program That Calls Library Procedures
2-1 Levels of Abstraction
2-2 Possible Procedure Groupings
2-3 Designating Storage Responsibility to the Caller
2-4 Use of Storage Types
3-1 Examples of Facility Prefixes As Used in Procedure Names
3-2 Methods of Initializing
3-3 How to Initialize Static Storage
4-1 Black Box Testing Methods
4-2 White Box Tests
4-3 Sample Procedure for Integration Testing
6-1 Regression Testing
6-2 One Type of Argument Block, the Signal Argument Vector
2-1 Summary of Storage Use by Language
3-1 Common Library Facilities --- Prefixes and Content
3-2 Naming Procedure Entry Points
3-3 Code for the Content and Usage of Global Variables
3-4 How to Declare Common Source Files

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