HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual > Chapter 7 After Installing or Upgrading the OpenVMS Operating System

Examining Your Command Procedures (Upgrades Only)

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The upgrade procedure retains the site-specific versions of the following files located in the [VMS$COMMON] directory:


The upgrade procedure might provide new templates for some of these files with the .TEMPLATE file extension. The new templates might include features that are not in your site-specific files. Check the templates against your site-specific files and edit your files as necessary.

NOTE: With Version 8.3 of OpenVMS, the DCL command DECRAM has been removed because it conflicts with the new DECRYPT command (DECRYPT overwrites the default definition of DECR, which you might have been using to run DECram). You should update any command procedures that use the DECRAM command so that they use the foreign command style of DCL to run DECRAM:

This change affects only the use of the DCL command; all other aspects of the DECram product remain the same.