HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual

Chapter 7 After Installing or Upgrading the OpenVMS Operating System

  Table of Contents



Table of Contents

Postinstallation and Postupgrade Tasks
Backing Up Your System Disk
Registering Your Licenses
Set System Parameters for Volume Shadowing (New Installations Only; Optional)
Tuning BAP System Parameters (Alpha Upgrade Only)
Running AUTOGEN to Set System Parameter Changes
Forming the Shadow Set
Customizing the System (New Installations, Some Upgrades)
Creating Network Proxy Authorization Files
Setting Up the Queue Manager and Default Queues
Configuring a Multihead System (Optional)
Configuring DECnet
Configuring HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
Installing and Configuring Third-Party Networking Software
Initializing or Configuring Installed Optional Components
Initializing CDSA (Optional)
Configuring the Availability Manager Base Software (Optional)
Configuring Kerberos (Optional)
Configuring SSL for OpenVMS
Configure WBEM Services for OpenVMS (Optional; I64 only)
Configure the Instant Capacity Software (Optional; I64 only)
Configure the Pay per use Software (Optional; I64 only)
Initializing and Running the Performance Data Collector Base Software (Optional)
Preparing to Use OpenVMS Management Station (Optional)
Installing OpenVMS Debugger Clients on a PC (Optional)
Creating a System-Specific Login Welcome Message (Optional)
Examining Your Command Procedures (Upgrades Only)
Adding and Removing Operating System Files (Optional)
Expanding the System Libraries (Optional; OpenVMS Alpha Only)
Installing Patches (Optional but Recommended)
Installing and Configuring Layered Products (New Installations, Some Upgrades)
Alternative Procedure
Reinstall DECevent Software (Upgrades only; optional)
Creating Print Queues (New Installations, Some Upgrades)
Updating SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM to Start Layered Products and Print Queues
Creating Accounts (New Installations, Some Upgrades)
Testing the System with UETP (Optional)
Backing Up the Customized System Disk and Initiating Systematic Backups
Reforming the Shadow Set as Final Postupgrade Backup
Rebooting Cluster Members (Upgrades Only)
Running AUTOGEN to Tune the System
Modifying System Parameters
General Notes About Modifying System Parameters
Modifying System Parameters After an Upgrade

After you have installed or upgraded the OpenVMS operating system, you must perform several important tasks to prepare the system for operation. “Postinstallation and Postupgrade Tasks” includes a checklist that you can use to make sure you perform all the postinstallation or postupgrade tasks necessary for your system.