HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual > Chapter 5 Preparing to Upgrade in an OpenVMS Cluster Environment

Preupgrade Tasks for OpenVMS Cluster Environments

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NOTE: Be sure you have performed the preupgrade tasks described in Chapter 4 “Before Upgrading the OpenVMS Operating System” before you upgrade your OpenVMS Cluster system.

Use the checklist in Table 5-1 “Preupgrade Checklist for OpenVMS Cluster Environments” to ensure that you perform all necessary tasks prior to upgrading your system in an OpenVMS Cluster environment.

Table 5-1 Preupgrade Checklist for OpenVMS Cluster Environments

Review relevant OpenVMS operating system and OpenVMS Cluster documentation. “Review Documentation ”
Familiarize yourself with mixed-version, mixed-architecture, and migration support in OpenVMS Cluster systems.“Mixed-Version Support in an OpenVMS Cluster Environment”
If you are adding a new OpenVMS computer system to an existing OpenVMS Cluster, choose one of two options for upgrading.“Adding a New System to an OpenVMS Cluster”

Perform the preliminary tasks required for the type of upgrade you want to perform:

  • Concurrent upgrade

  • Rolling upgrade

“Types of Upgrades”:

Begin the upgrade.Chapter 6 “Upgrading the OpenVMS Operating System”