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Command-Line Help

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HP SSL for OpenVMS includes three pseudocommands that function like command-line help. When you enter one of these pseudocommands at the OpenSSL prompt, SSL displays a list (one entry per line) of names of all the standard commands, message digest commands, or cipher commands, that are available in the command line interface.

NOTE: To use these commands, you must have previously run SYS$STARTUP:SSL$STARTUP.COM and SSL$COM:SSL$UTILS.COM.

The pseudocommands are as follows:

$ openssl
openssl> list-standard-commands
openssl> list-message-digest-commands
openssl> list-cipher-commands

To obtain a list of all of the commands available, enter the following:

$ openssl ?

SSL$UTILS.COM sets up foreign commands to provide command-line accesss to the standard, message digest, and cipher commands. You can also display the UNIX manpage documentation for each command by entering the following:

$ openssl command-name ?

where command-name is the name of an OpenSSL command such as asn1parse.