HP Instant Capacity User's Guide for versions 8.x > Chapter 7 Global Instant Capacity

Global Instant Capacity Requirements

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In order to use Global Instant Capacity, all partitions on all servers in the group must be running Instant Capacity version 8 or higher.

The OpenSSH Secure_Shell T1471AA bundle must be installed on the Group Manager and on all member systems in order to use Global Instant Capacity. Normally, it is distributed with the Operating Environment. A newer version may be available from the HP software depot (http://www.hp.com/go/softwaredepot).

NOTE: If OpenSSH is not installed or later removed, you will need to run the GiCAP key generation script /etc/opt/ups/GiCAP_keygen once OpenSSH is installed or reinstalled.

In order to create a GiCAP group with members, you must purchase GiCAP Sharing Rights, acquire the GiCAP codeword from the HP Utility Pricing Solutions portal (http://www.hp.com/go/icap/portal) and apply the associated codeword to the Group Manager system. GiCAP Sharing Rights are described in “Global Instant Capacity Sharing Rights”.

See “Instant Capacity Requirements” for a complete list of all software requirements.