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Global Instant Capacity Sharing Rights

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While GiCAP is part of Instant Capacity and is installed at the same time as iCAP, it is not enabled during installation. In order to share resources across groups, you must purchase GiCAP Sharing Rights, acquire the GiCAP codeword from the HP Utility Pricing Solutions portal (http://www.hp.com/go/icap/portal, and apply the associated codeword to the Group Manager system. Application of the Sharing Rights codeword to the Group Manager system enables the addition of members with Instant Capacity components to groups.

You purchase at least as many GiCAP Sharing Rights as the total number of cores without usage rights across all the potential group members. Members can be added to a GiCAP group as long as there are sufficient Sharing Rights available, and as long as the grouping rules indicate hardware compatibility.

Note that unlike other iCAP codewords, GiCAP codewords must be generated for, and applied to, a specific partition if the Group Manager is on a partitionable system. This means that in order to retrieve the codeword, you must specify the purchase order number, the system serial number and partition information, if any. Use the icapmanage -s command on the Group Manager system to get the serial number and and nPar ID, or vPar code that is applicable.

GiCAP codewords have a sequence value and must be applied in the order in which they were generated for the Group Manager system. However, GiCAP codewords are sequenced independently from any other types of iCAP codewords that might be generated for the same system, and can therefore be applied independently from iCAP codewords.