Document revision date: 30 March 2001
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Compaq Advanced Server for OpenVMS
Guide to Managing Advanced Server Licenses

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 How to Use Advanced Server License Software
Chapter 2 Setting Up License Management
Chapter 3 Configuring License Servers
Chapter 4 Managing Licenses on the OpenVMS Platform
Chapter 5 Client Licensing Software
Appendix A Server Messages


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 How to Use Advanced Server License Software
     1.1     The Advanced Server Licensing System
         1.1.1         Advanced Server Licensing System Components
         1.1.2         Configuring License Services
                Configuring Standalone License Servers
                Configuring LANs and WANs
         1.1.3         PATHWORKS Client Licensing Software
         1.1.4         Upgrading the License Server
     1.2     License Management Models
         1.2.1         Server-Based License Management
                When to Use Server-Based License Management
                How Server-Based License Management Operates
                Server-Based License Management in an OpenVMS Cluster
         1.2.2         Client-Based License Management
                How Client-Based License Management Operates
         1.2.3         Combining Server-Based and Client-Based License Management
                How Combined License Management Operates
     1.3     License Management Tasks
Chapter 2
2 Setting Up License Management
     2.1     Setting Up Server-Based License Management
         2.1.1         Setting Up Server-Based Licensing Only, for Performance Gains
     2.2     Setting Up Client-Based License Management
     2.3     Setting Up Combined Client-Based and Server-Based License Management
     2.4     Examples of Advanced Server License Management
         2.4.1         Setting Up Client-Based Licensing in a LAN
         2.4.2         Setting Up Combined Client-Based and Server-Based Licensing in a WAN
         2.4.3         Setting up a V6 Server to Allow Clients to Request PATHWORKS V5 for OpenVMS (LAN Manager) Licenses
         2.4.4         Using Server-Based Licensing in a LAN or WAN
     2.5     Upgrading Client Licenses
         2.5.1         Configuring Client License Upgrades Individually
         2.5.2         Replacing All Licenses
         2.5.3         Upgrading Client Licenses Automatically
         2.5.4         Virtual Licenses
     2.6     License Server and License Registrar Configuration Parameters
         2.6.1         Dynamic Configuration Parameters
Chapter 3
3 Configuring License Servers
     3.1     License Server State Files
         3.1.1         License Server Name
         3.1.2         Creating a New License Server State File
     3.2     Moving a License Server to a Different System
         3.2.1         Moving the License Server and Retaining the License Server Name
         3.2.2         Moving the License Server and Changing the License Server Name
     3.3     Controlling License Version Lookup
         3.3.1         Acquiring a Different Client-Based License than Requested
     3.4     Controlling Where the License Server Runs in an OpenVMS Cluster
         3.4.1         How to Specify Where License Servers Run in a Cluster
     3.5     Synchronizing the License Server Database with the LMF Database
         3.5.1         How License Database Changes Impact the License Server
         3.5.2         Scheduling the LMF Synchronization
Chapter 4
4 Managing Licenses on the OpenVMS Platform
     4.1     Getting Started with the License Manager
         4.1.1         Starting the License Manager
         4.1.2         Getting Help with the License Manager
         4.1.3         Exiting the License Manager
     4.2     Configuring the License Server
     4.3     Navigating in the License Manager
         4.3.1         Navigating Fields in a Dialog Box
     4.4     Performing License Server Tasks
         4.4.1         Disabling and Enabling the License Server
         4.4.2         Performing Log File Tasks
                Enabling Events for Logging
                Selecting Events for Logging
                Creating a New Version of the Log File
     4.5     Performing License Product Tasks
         4.5.1         Adding Product Licenses
         4.5.2         Removing Product Licenses
         4.5.3         Listing Product Allocations
         4.5.4         Setting the Alert Level for Product Licenses
         4.5.5         Generating Product Reports
         4.5.6         Sorting Product Displays
     4.6     Performing License Group Tasks
         4.6.1         Creating License Groups
         4.6.2         Listing Licenses in a Group
         4.6.3         Allocating Licenses to a Group
         4.6.4         Reallocating Licenses to Another Group
         4.6.5         Removing Groups
         4.6.6         Setting the Alert Levels for Groups
         4.6.7         Generating Group Reports
         4.6.8         Sorting Group Displays
     4.7     Performing Client License Tasks
         4.7.1         Revoking Client Licenses
         4.7.2         Showing Client Details
         4.7.3         Sorting Client License Lists
         4.7.4         Generating Client License Reports

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