Document revision date: 30 March 2001
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Compaq C Run-Time Library Utilities Reference Manual

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Locale File Format
Chapter 3 Character Set Description (Charmap) File
Chapter 4 Command Reference


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Overview
     1.1     Creating XPG4-Compliant Localizing Applications
         1.1.1         Creating and Invoking Message Catalogs
                Message Source File
                Message Catalog File
                Retrieving Messages from a Message Catalog
         1.1.2         Performing Codeset Conversions
                Creating Conversion Tables
                Converting from One Codeset to Another
         1.1.3         Setting International Environment Logical Names
     1.2     Creating Time Zone Conversion Information
         1.2.1         Rule Lines
         1.2.2         Zone Lines
         1.2.3         Link Lines
Chapter 2
2 Locale File Format
     2.1     Locale Categories
         2.1.1         Overriding Defaults
         2.1.2         Category Source Definitions
     2.2     LC_COLLATE Category
         2.2.1         The collating-element Statement
         2.2.2         The collating-symbol Statement
         2.2.3         The order_start Statement
     2.3     LC_CTYPE Category
     2.4     LC_MESSAGES Category
     2.5     LC_MONETARY Category
         2.5.1         LC_MONETARY Keywords
         2.5.2         Monetary Format Variations
     2.6     LC_NUMERIC Category
     2.7     LC_TIME Category
         2.7.1         Keywords
         2.7.2         Field Descriptors
         2.7.3         Sample Locale Definition
Chapter 3
3 Character Set Description (Charmap) File
     3.1     Portable Character Set
     3.2     Components of a Charmap File
Chapter 4
4 Command Reference
    Command 1     GENCAT
    Command 2     ICONV COMPILE
    Command 3     ICONV CONVERT
    Command 4     LOCALE COMPILE
    Command 5     LOCALE LOAD
    Command 6     LOCALE UNLOAD
    Command 8     LOCALE SHOW CURRENT
    Command 9     LOCALE SHOW PUBLIC
    Command 10     LOCALE SHOW VALUE
    Command 11     zic
1-1 Day the Rule Becomes Effective
1-2 Time of Day the Rule Becomes Effective
2-1 LC_COLLATE Category Keywords
2-2 LC_CTYPE Category Keywords
2-3 LC_MESSAGES Category Keywords
2-4 LC_MONETARY Category Keywords
2-5 Monetary Format Variations
2-6 LC_NUMERIC Category Keywords
2-7 LC_TIME Category Keywords
2-8 LC_TIME Locale Field Descriptors
3-1 Portable Character Set
4-1 GENCAT Command: Special Characters
4-2 Codeset Declarations
4-3 Locale Categories
4-4 Locale Categories and Keywords

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