Document revision date: 15 July 2002
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OpenVMS User's Manual

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F$CONTEXT lexical function
F$CVTIME lexical function
F$DIRECTORY lexical function
F$ELEMENT lexical function
F$ENVIRONMENT lexical function
    changing default file protections with
F$EXTRACT lexical function
F$FAO lexical function
F$GETQUI lexical function
    obtaining queue information
F$GETSYI lexical function
    obtaining information
F$INTEGER lexical function
    converting data types #1
    converting data types #2
F$LENGTH lexical function
    with F$LOCATE
F$LOCATE lexical function
    with F$LENGTH
F$LOGICAL lexical function
F$MODE lexical function
    in login procedures
F$PARSE lexical function
F$PID lexical function
    obtaining process information
F$SEARCH lexical function
    searching for files
    using with DELETE command
F$STRING lexical function
    converting data types #1
    converting data types #2
F$TRNLNM lexical function
    LNM$DCL_LOGICAL logical name
    translating logical names
F$TYPE lexical function
    identifying symbols #1
    identifying symbols #2
F$VERIFY lexical function #1
F$VERIFY lexical function #2
File access
    from remote nodes
    using control strings
File browsers
FILE command
    in Mail
File I/O
    redirecting #1
    redirecting #2
File protection #1
File protection #2
    changing default with F$ENVIRONMENT lexical function
    confidential files
    required for proxy access
File specifications
    alternate form for magnetic tapes
    list of included fields
    node names #1
    node names #2
    rules for entering
    specifying a list of
    using a percent sign (%) wildcard character in
    using an asterisk (*) wildcard character in
    valid characters in
    with null values
File type field
    using a percent sign (%) wildcard character in
    using an asterisk (*) wildcard character in
    with null values
File types
    list of defaults #1
    list of defaults #2
    rules for entering
File version numbers
    using an asterisk (*) wildcard character in
        on a private device
        on volume sets
    adding ACEs for security auditing
    appending to Mail messages
    applying an alarm to
    auditing access to #1
    auditing access to #2
    closing from command procedures
    controlling the number of versions
        between nodes #1
        between nodes #2
        from remote account
        from Mail messages
        with COPY command
        with CREATE command
    deciding when to use security auditing
    deleting from within command procedures
        contents #1
        contents #2
        contents #3
        using wildcard characters
        from DCL level
        using Mail utility
    protecting #1
    protecting #2
    protection of confidential
    protection required for proxy access
    specifying wildcard characters
    using F$SEARCH lexical function to locate
    using the /VERSION_LIMIT qualifier
    version numbers #1
    version numbers #2
Files--11 On-Disk Structure
Foreign commands
    character limit #1
    character limit #2
Foreign file specifications
    on networks
FORTUSER.COM command procedure
    sample execution
FORWARD command
    in Mail
Full names
General identifiers
Generic device names
GET FILE command
$GETDVI lexical function
GETPARMS.COM command procedure
    sample execution
    for commands
    for system messages
HELP command
    in EVE
Help Message utility (MSGHLP)
Hyphen (-)
    in a directory name
    displaying process
IF command
    using in command procedures
    invoking with automatic foreign commands
    invoking without using symbols
    redirecting output from
Initialization files
    Files--11 On-Disk Structure
    disk volumes
        disk volumes
    prompting for from command procedures
    to batch jobs #1
    to batch jobs #2
Input files
    temporary defaults in a parameter list
Input stream
Input streams
INQUIRE command
    compared to READ command
    using in command procedures
    with symbols and batch jobs
Insert mode
Interactive mode
    specifying transport
ISO Latin-1 character set

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