HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual

Appendix G Preparing to Use OpenVMS Management Station

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This appendix explains how to prepare your OpenVMS system to run the OpenVMS Management Station server software and how to prepare your PC to run the OpenVMS Management Station client software. This appendix also includes other related information.

OpenVMS Management Station is a powerful Microsoft Windows based management tool for system managers and others who perform management tasks on OpenVMS systems. It allows system managers to organize the systems they need to manage in ways that are meaningful to them and their environment. OpenVMS Management Station provides a comprehensive user interface that allows system managers to manage OpenVMS user accounts, printers, and storage on those systems and across multiple systems. For example, if you have an account on three different OpenVMS Cluster systems, OpenVMS Management Station allows you to easily update a process quota, add a privilege, and so forth, for each instance of the account.

OpenVMS Management Station consists of the client software, which is installed on a PC from which all management operations are performed, and the server software, which is installed on any OpenVMS system that is to be managed.

During the OpenVMS installation or upgrade procedure, the OpenVMS Management Station server software is automatically installed on your OpenVMS system disk.

You can download the PC client file from the following Web site:


If the TNT$* server files have been deleted from SYS$SYSTEM, you can recover the server files by reinstalling the OpenVMS operating system or by downloading and installing the appropriate kit from this Web site.

After you ensure that OpenVMS Management Station software is installed on your system, perform the procedures described in this appendix.