HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual

Appendix E Backing Up and Restoring the System Disk

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This appendix describes how to perform backup and restore operations on the system disk. You perform these tasks by entering commands from a specialized backup environment. You access this environment through the menu that is displayed when you boot the OpenVMS Alpha CD or the OpenVMS I64 OE DVD, or through an alternative method that does not require the CD or DVD.

This specialized backup environment is required because it allows you to create an exact copy of the system disk. You cannot create an exact copy in a standard operating system environment because the OpenVMS Backup utility saves only what is on the disk at the moment the BACKUP command is executing, excluding portions of open files contained in memory or data about files not yet written back to the disk (cache).

For more information about backup operations, including procedures for backing up and restoring files and directories, see the HP OpenVMS System Manager's Manual, Volume 1: Essentials.