HP OpenVMS Guide to System Security > Chapter 13 Using Protected Subsystems

Design Considerations

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Someone developing an application for a protected subsystem must link the application images without the /DEBUG or /TRACEBACK qualifiers.

Although this kind of subsystem often precludes the need for privilege, applications can be installed with privilege. For example, some applications may need the PRMGBL privilege to create permanent global sections, or they may need the AUDIT privilege to send security audit records to the system security audit log file. HP does discourage the installation of a protected subsystem application with privileges in the All category. This category includes such privileges as BYPASS, CMKRNL, and SYSPRV---privileges that allow a user to subvert OpenVMS access controls. See Table 8-2 “OpenVMS Privileges” for a list of OpenVMS privileges and Appendix A “Assigning Privileges” for a description of the privileges.

Subsystem designers need to generate a list of identifiers that are necessary for it to operate as intended. Then the designers approach you, as the security administrator, to make the preparations described in “System Management Requirements”.