HP OpenVMS Guide to System Security > Part III  Security for the System Administrator

Chapter 12 Security in a Network Environment

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Security in a network environment is even more sensitive than security in a single-system environment. Security is also harder to achieve because of operational complexities and the decentralization of control that commonly exist in networks. The larger the network, the more difficult the problem of establishing control and communication between security administrators of the numerous nodes.

There are limitations to the degree of security any networking site can expect to achieve due to limitations currently present in networking technology. Being sensitive to potential problems can help you avoid operations that could increase the security exposure in your network. This chapter helps you recognize these problem areas and adjust your operations accordingly.

See the HP OpenVMS System Manager's Manual for information on the networking software options for OpenVMS systems, including the following:

  • HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS

  • DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS (DECnet Phase V)

  • DECnet for OpenVMS (DECnet Phase IV)