HP OpenVMS Guide to System Security > Chapter 11 Securing a Cluster

Overview of Clusters

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Clustered systems provide a uniform computing environment that is highly scalable, highly available, and secure. It is critical that there be a single set of authorized users and that these users be able to have processes executing on any cluster member.

To achieve a uniform computing environment, a cluster relies on the following components operating across all cluster members:

  • Lock manager system services ($ENQ/$DEQ) (to provide a framework for building distributed applications)

  • File and record management subsystems (coordinated through the lock manager)

  • Batch and print services

  • Process control system services

  • Security auditing system

Within a cluster, authorization data for users and the security profiles of objects must be consistent across all nodes so that each cluster member makes the same access control decision when presented with a particular user's access request for a particular object. “Building a Common Environment” and “Synchronizing Authorization Data” describe how to achieve a single security domain.