HP OpenVMS Guide to System Security > Part II Security for the User

Chapter 5 Descriptions of Object Classes

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This chapter describes the unique features of each class of protected object: files, volumes, devices, and so on. Each class description contains information on the following topics:

Topic Description

Naming rules

A summary of naming conventions for objects in the class.

Types of access

Access types supported for the class. Boldface type indicates the abbreviation of an access type, such as R for read access.

Template profile

The default profile applied to new objects of the class. Site security administrators can modify the default profiles. Use the SHOW SECURITY command to display current template settings.

Privilege requirements

Privileges, if any, required for certain operations on the object.

Kinds of auditing performed

Events that trigger an audit event message (assuming the event class is enabled).

Permanence of the object

Storage of security profiles. Explains if the security elements are stored from one system startup to another and if so, where the elements are stored.

If a given topic does not apply to a class, the topic is omitted.