HP OpenVMS Guide to System Security > Appendix A Assigning Privileges

WORLD Privilege (System)

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The WORLD privilege lets the user's process affect other processes both inside and outside its group by executing the following process-control system services:

Suspend Process ($SUSPND)
Resume Process ($RESUME)
Delete Process ($DELPRC)
Set Priority ($SETPRI)
Wake ($WAKE)
Schedule Wakeup ($SCHDWK)
Cancel Wakeup ($CANWAK)
Force Exit ($FORCEX)

The user's process is also allowed to examine processes outside its own group by executing the Get Job/Process Information ($GETJPI) system service. A process with WORLD privilege can issue the SET PROCESS command for all other processes. Any process with WORLD privilege can also obtain information about a lock held by a process in another group using the Get Lock Information ($GETLKI) system service.

To exercise control over subprocesses that it created or to examine these subprocesses, a process needs no special privilege. To affect or examine other processes inside its own group, a process needs only the GROUP privilege. You should, however, grant this privilege to users who need to affect or examine processes outside their own group.