HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS Volume 3: Kerberos > Chapter 6 KRB5 (Kerberos V5) Application Programming Interface

krb5_c_encrypt — Encrypt data

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C Prototype

krb5_error_code krb5_c_encrypt (
krb5_context context,
const krb5_keyblock *key,
krb5_keyusage usage,
const krb5_data *ivec,
const krb5_data *input,
krb5_enc_data *output );


context (input/output) 

The context structure.

key (input)  

The key value from a keytab, ticket, etc.

usage (input) 

A salt value.

ivec (input) 

Input vector.

input (input) 

The data to be encrypted.

output (output) 

The encrypted data.


This routine encrypts data with the given key.

Return Values

This routine returns the following KRB5 status code:


Bad encryption type.