HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS Volume 3: Kerberos > Chapter 5 GSSAPI (Generic Security Services Application Programming Interface)

gss_release_cred — Mark a credential for deletion

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C Prototype

OM_uint32 gss_release_cred(
OM_uint32 * minor_status,
gss_cred_id_t * cred_handle );


minor_status (output) 

A mechanism-specific status code.

cred_handle (input/output) 

A buffer containing an opaque credential handle identifying the credential to be released. If GSS_C_NO_CREDENTIAL is supplied, the routine will complete successfully, but will do nothing.


This routine informs GSSAPI that the specified credential handle is no longer required by the application, and frees associated resources. When all processes have released a credential, it will be deleted.

Return Values

This routine returns one of the following GSS status codes:


Successful completion.


The credentials could not be accessed.