HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS Volume 3: Kerberos > Chapter 4 Kerberos Programming Concepts

Overview of Building a Kerberos Application on OpenVMS

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Kerberos programming on OpenVMS works much the same as on any other platform. The following sections indicate differences and important information.

Compiling a Kerberos Program on OpenVMS

When you compile your program, you will need to add the /INCLUDE=KRB$ROOT:[INCLUDE] qualifier to your compiler command line. For example:

  $ cc/list/include=krb$root:[include]/prefix=all gss_client

Linking a Kerberos Program on OpenVMS

Kerberos on OpenVMS provides shareable libraries in both 64-bit and 32-bit formats. All Kerberos libraries can be found in SYS$LIBRARY.

Library Name

Bit Format


64 bits


32 bits


64 bits


32 bits

One of the GSS$RTL* libraries should be used when your program calls the GSS API. If the KRB5 API is called, then one of the KRB$RTL* libraries will need to be linked with the program.

Because Kerberos routines are located in shareable libraries, the use of a link options file is recommended. For details about using link options files, refer to the HP OpenVMS Linker Utility Manual. The Kerberos example programs described in this chapter provide examples of using link options files for Kerberos applications.