HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS Volume 2: HP SSL for OpenVMS > Appendix B New and Changed APIs in OpenSSL 0.9.7d and 0.9.7e

New SSL APIs in 0.9.7d

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The following SSL APIs are new in OpenSSL 0.9.7d and in HP SSL Version 1.2.

KSSL_CTX        *kssl_ctx_free(KSSL_CTX *kssl_ctx);
KSSL_CTX *kssl_ctx_new(void);
krb5_error_code kssl_cget_tkt(KSSL_CTX *kssl_ctx, krb5_data **enc_tktp,
krb5_data *authenp, KSSL_ERR *kssl_err);
void kssl_err_set(KSSL_ERR *kssl_err, int reason, char *text);
void kssl_ctx_show(KSSL_CTX *kssl_ctx);
krb5_error_code kssl_validate_times(krb5_timestamp atime,
krb5_ticket_times *ttimes); krb5_error_code kssl_check_authent(KSSL_CTX *kssl_ctx, krb5_data *authentp,
krb5_timestamp *atimep, KSSL_ERR *kssl_err); krb5_error_code kssl_build_principal_2(krb5_context context,
krb5_principal *princ, int rlen, const char *realm,
int slen, const char *svc, int hlen, const char *host);
unsigned char *kssl_skip_confound(krb5_enctype enctype, unsigned char *authn);
krb5_error_code kssl_sget_tkt(KSSL_CTX *kssl_ctx, krb5_data *indata,
krb5_ticket_times *ttimes, KSSL_ERR *kssl_err); krb5_error_code kssl_ctx_setkey(KSSL_CTX *kssl_ctx, krb5_keyblock *session); krb5_error_code kssl_ctx_setprinc(KSSL_CTX *kssl_ctx, int which,
krb5_data *realm, krb5_data *entity, int nentities);
void kssl_krb5_free_data_contents(krb5_context context, krb5_data *data);
krb5_error_code kssl_ctx_setstring(KSSL_CTX *kssl_ctx, int which, char *text);

int SSL_has_matching_session_id(const SSL *ssl, const unsigned char *id, unsigned int id_len);
int SSL_set_generate_session_id(SSL *, GEN_SESSION_CB);
int SSL_CTX_set_generate_session_id(SSL_CTX *, GEN_SESSION_CB);
int SSL_renegotiate_pending(SSL *s);
void SSL_CTX_set_msg_callback(SSL_CTX *ctx,
void (*cb)(int write_p, int version, int content_type,
const void *buf, size_t len, SSL *ssl, void *arg));
void SSL_set_msg_callback(SSL *ssl,
void (*cb)(int write_p, int version, int content_type,
const void *buf, size_t len, SSL *ssl, void *arg));