HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS Volume 2: HP SSL for OpenVMS > Appendix A Data Structures and Header Files

X509 Structure

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The X509 structure is defined in x509.h.

typedef struct x509_st

X509_CINF *cert_info;
X509_ALGOR *sig_alg;
ASN1_BIT_STRING *signature;
int valid;
int references;
char *name;

/* These contain copies of various extension values */

long ex_pathlen;
unsigned long ex_flags;
unsigned long ex_kusage;
unsigned long ex_xkusage;
unsigned long ex_nscert;
struct AUTHORITY_KEYID_st *akid;

#ifndef NO_SHA
unsigned char sha1_hash[SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH];

X509_CERT_AUX *aux;

} X509;