HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS Volume 2: HP SSL for OpenVMS > Appendix A Data Structures and Header Files

SSL_METHOD Structure

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The SSL_METHOD structure is defined in ssl.h.

/* Used to hold functions for SSLv2 or SSLv3/TLSv1 functions */

typedef struct ssl_method_st

int version;
int (*ssl_new)(SSL *s);
void (*ssl_clear)(SSL *s);
void (*ssl_free)(SSL *s);
int (*ssl_accept)(SSL *s);
int (*ssl_connect)(SSL *s);
int (*ssl_read)(SSL *s,void *buf,int len);
int (*ssl_peek)(SSL *s,void *buf,int len);
int (*ssl_write)(SSL *s,const void *buf,int len);
int (*ssl_shutdown)(SSL *s);
int (*ssl_renegotiate)(SSL *s);
int (*ssl_renegotiate_check)(SSL *s);
long (*ssl_ctrl)(SSL *s,int cmd,long larg,char *parg);
long (*ssl_ctx_ctrl)(SSL_CTX *ctx,int cmd,long larg,char *parg);

SSL_CIPHER *(*get_cipher_by_char)(const unsigned char *ptr);
int (*put_cipher_by_char)(const SSL_CIPHER *cipher,unsigned char *ptr);
int (*ssl_pending)(SSL *s);
int (*num_ciphers)(void);

SSL_CIPHER *(*get_cipher)(unsigned ncipher);
struct ssl_method_st *(*get_ssl_method)(int version);
long (*get_timeout)(void);
struct ssl3_enc_method *ssl3_enc; /* Extra SSLv3/TLS stuff */
int (*ssl_version)();
long (*ssl_callback_ctrl)(SSL *s, int cb_id, void (*fp)());
long (*ssl_ctx_callback_ctrl)(SSL_CTX *s, int cb_id, void (*fp)());