HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Guide to SSH

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HP Part Number: BA548-90007

Published: July 2006, Edition 2.0

Table of Contents

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1 Overview
Introduction to SSH
The Secure Shell Server
The Secure Shell Client
Introduction to Keys
Host Keys
User Keys
Generating Keys
Managing User Keys
SSH Authentication
How the SSH Client and Server Communicate
Port Forwarding
Upgrading SSH for OpenVMS
Server and Client Configuration Files
2 Configuring the Secure Shell Software
Running the TCPIP$CONFIG Configuration Command Procedure
Configuring the SSH Client
Configuring the SSH Server
3 Customizing the SSH Run-Time Environment
Setting up the Server Public Keys
Automatically Copying Key Files
Manually Copying the Key Files
Naming Conventions for the Server's Public Host Key
Modifying Client Configuration Parameters
Modifying Server Configuration Parameters
Authentication Methods
Specifying Authentication Methods
Setting Up Password Authentication
Setting Up Password Authentication on the Client
Setting Up Password Authentication on the Server
Setting Up Host-based Authentication
Setting Up Host-based Authentication on the Client
Setting Up Host-based Authentication on the Server
Setting Up Public-Key Authentication
Setting Up Public-Key Authentication on the Client
Setting Up Public-Key Authentication on the Server
4 Managing the SSH Service
Starting and Stopping the SSH Client
Starting and Stopping the SSH Server
Enabling IPv6 Networking
SSH Logical Names
Managing Auditing
How the Server Performs Auditing
Auditing Options for the Server Configuration File
Auditing Options for the Client Configuration File
Managing Account Passwords
Secondary Passwords
5 Port Forwarding
Standard Port Forwarding
Port Forwarding for FTP
X11 Port Forwarding
Managing Port Forwarding
6 Setting Up Kerberos/SSH Connections
Installing Kerberos RTL Images
Setting Up Kerberos
Configuring the Kerberos User and Host Principles
Configuring the Kerberos Authentication Method
SSH Kerberos Authentication Interoperability
SSH Client Configuration
Setting Up a Kerberos SSH Connection
Forwarding Credentials
Managing Kerberos Credential Forwarding
Forwarding Kerberos Credentials Example
Kerberos Password Authentication
Solving SSH/Kerberos Problems
7 SSH Command Reference
Before You Begin
Copying Files
File Types
Using the SCP Command
Using the SFTP Command
Remote Login and Command Execution
Command Synopsis
Using SSH Commands in Batch Jobs
Using the SSH_KEYGEN Utility
Command Synopsis
Using the SSH_ADD Utility
Command Synopsis
Return Status
Using the SSH_AGENT Utility
Command Synopsis
8 Solving SSH Problems
A SSH Directories and Files
Client Directories and Files
Server Directories and Files
B SSH Client and Server Configuration Parameters
Client Configuration Parameters
Client Configuration File
Server Configuration Parameters
Server Configuration File