HP Instant Capacity User's Guide for versions 8.x

Conventions in this Guide

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This guide uses these typographic conventions:


Words defined for the first time appear in boldface.


Computer font indicates system commands, file names, and literal items — which may be displayed by the computer. For example:

file not found

User input 

Bold, computer text indicates literal items that you type. For example, to change to your HP-UX account’s home directory, enter:



Manual titles, variable in commands and emphasized words appear in italics. For example, you would substitute an actual directory name for directory_name in this command:

cd directory_name

[ ]and | 

Brackets [] enclose optional items in command syntax. The vertical bar | separates syntax items in a list of choices. For example, you can enter any of these three items in this syntax:

ls [-a | -i | -x]


Text in this bold, sans-serif font denotes keyboard keys and on-screen menu items. A notation like Ctrl-Q indicates that you should hold the Ctrl key down and press Q.