HP Instant Capacity User's Guide for versions 8.x > Chapter 8 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the Instant Capacity Software

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In the event the Instant Capacity software is not functioning, perform the following steps:

  1. Verify that the Instant Capacity software is installed and not corrupted. On HP-UX systems, this can be done by entering the following command:
    /usr/sbin/swverify B9073BA
    You should see Verification succeeded. in the output of the swverify command.
    On OpenVMS systems, enter the following commands to verify that the Instant Capacity and WBEM software are installed and configured:
    $ show log ICAP$CONFIGURED
    “ICAP$CONFIGURED” = “TRUE” (LNM$JOB_nnnnnnnn)
    $ pipe product show hist | search sys$pipe WBEMCIM
    HP I64VMS WBEMCIM A2.0-A051013F Full LP Install Val 16-APR-2006

  2. (HP-UX) If there is an error from the swverify command in Step 1 (above) then reinstall the Instant Capacity software. Refer to “Installing Instant Capacity Software” for details.

    (OpenVMS) If the Instant Capacity software is not configured, configure it using SYS$MANAGER:ICAP$CONFIGURE.COM . If the WBEMCIM software is not installed, install it using the PRODUCT INSTALL utility.

  3. Verify that the status of your Instant Capacity system/partition is correct by entering the following command:
    (HP-UX) /usr/sbin/icapstatus

    You should see something similar to “B.08.00” as the Instant Capacity software version. If you do not have a version 8 installed, install the Instant Capacity 8.x software.
    If there is a discrepancy between the number of reported components with or without usage rights and your Instant Capacity contract, send an e-mail to the Instant Capacity administrator at icap_admin@hp.com that explains the discrepancy.

  4. Ensure that the required processes for Instant Capacity are running.
    On HP-UX systems, verify that the icapd daemon is running on the system/partition by entering the following command:
    /usr/bin/ps -e | grep icapd
    You should see the icapd daemon running on the partition. If it is not running, check the system log file (syslog) for icapd error messages and take the appropriate action.
    On OpenVMS systems, verify that the ICAP_SERVER and WBEM CIMSERVER processes are running:
    $ pipe show sys | search sys$pipe ICAP_SERVER
    %SEARCH-I-NOMATCHES, no strings matched
    $ pipe show sys | search sys$pipe CIMSERVER
    202046D CIMSERVER HIB 10 8335702 0 00:22:46.98 75250 77655 M
    You should see a line of output listing the process information. In the above example, the CIMSERVER process is running and the ICAP_SERVER process is not running.

  5. (HP-UX) Ensure that the kernel driver diag2 is built into the kernel.

  6. (HP-UX) Ensure that the NParProvider bundle is installed.

  7. Ensure that the required WBEM provider modules are installed and running.

    On HP-UX systems, the WBEM B8465BA bundle (version A.01.05 or higher) must be installed.

    On OpenVMS systems, verify the WBEM installation using the following commands:
    $ cimprovider :== $WBEM_OPT:[wbem.bin]cimprovider
    $ pipe cimprovider -l | search sys$pipe -

    All three of the provider modules listed above must be loaded.

  8. (HP-UX) Make sure par commands such as parstatus are working. For failures in virtual partitions, check the vPar commands such as vparstatus.

  9. Check the Instant Capacity log file and syslog file for any error messages. On HP-UX systems, these files are /var/adm/icap.log and /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log. On OpenVMS systems, these files are sys$manager:icap.log and sys$manager:operator.log.

Additional Troubleshooting Steps for E-mail Connectivity

If you are utilizing asset reporting, perform the following additional troubleshooting steps to ensure that HP is able to receive an e-mail message from the Instant Capacity software:

  1. Execute the command:
    /usr/sbin/icapnotify <reply_address>
    Where reply_address is the e-mail address where you desire HP to send a confirmation message.

  2. Verify that HP replies with a confirmation message, via e-mail, to the reply address specified in Step 1

If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail message in Step 2 from HP then your partition is unable to send e-mail over the internet to the hp.com domain. See “Diagnosing E-mail Configuration” for details on troubleshooting your e-mail configuration.