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Rights Seizure

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You can use the icapmanage -x command to extract available core usage rights from the specified host to make them available to other group members. The host must be a system which is not currently running (the system is down), but must be part of a server complex that contains at least one partition that is up and accessible to the Group Manager software. The hard partition containing the host will have the value Intended Active set to the required minimum (one core per configured cell).

When you use icapmanage -x to seize rights from another system which has a partition down, the change in usage rights is available only at the group level (icapmanage -s). Seized usage rights remain unassigned until they are requested to be used by a subsequent activation.

The following example extracts core usage rights from a partition that is down, so that they will be available for other group member activations.

icapmanage -x mypar1.node.hp.com