HP Instant Capacity User's Guide for versions 8.x > Chapter 7 Global Instant Capacity

Group Manager Availability

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If the Group Manager becomes unavailable, management of the GiCAP Group will be unavailable until the Group Manager is restored or replaced. The GiCAP Group members will continue operating as isolated iCAP systems, using whatever usage rights they had available when the Group Manager became unavailable. A GiCAP Group member using borrowed usage rights will be able to continue using those usage rights. A GiCAP Group member that has loaned usage rights to other members in the GiCAP Group will not be able to recover those usage rights until the Group Manager has been restored.

Loaned and borrowed usage rights remain in place in GiCAP Group members. All usage rights held by the Group Manager itself are left unavailable until the Group Manager is restored.

Normally, usage rights are not held by the Group Manager, but this can occur after a member is removed from a GiCAP Group, or if the Group Manager should become unavailable during the transfer of usage rights from one GiCAP Group member to another.