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Global Instant Capacity Member Removal

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Before removing a member from a GiCAP group, all the borrowed usage rights must be returned and all outstanding loans reclaimed. Do this by deactivating resources on the appropriate system. There is no need to activate resources to reclaim loaned usage rights. The act of removing the member from a GiCAP group will reclaim the necessary usage rights.

There is no constraint with respect to temporary capacity as it is consumed shortly after it moves from one member in a GiCAP group to another that requires it; it is never “returned”.

When a member is removed from a group, some number of Sharing Rights are released and become available for future use. The number freed is equal to the number of cores without usage rights contributed by that member.

The following example removes member “IT” from its group, and then removes group “one”:

Example 7-7 Removing a Group

icapmanage -r -m IT 

Member IT removed.

icapmanage -r -g one 

Group one removed.