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Instant Capacity Cell Board Activation Exception Error

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When you attempt to activate an Instant Capacity cell board in an nPartition, depending on the number of core usage rights that are currently available in the complex, there is a chance the number of Intended Active cores for the nPartition is out of compliance and the activation fails. The following example illustrates this:

Table 6-3 nPartition pre-modification state: One cell assigned with 1 active core and 3 inactive cores; the complex has no additional core usage rights

Cell 1

Available Usage Rights
   A I I I


Table 6-4 nPartition pre-modification state: Instant Capacity cell (#2) with 4 inactive cores

Cell 2
   I I I I

Table 6-5 nPartition requested state: Instant Capacity Cell (#2) cannot be activated in nPartition

Cell 1Cell 2
   A I I I    I I I I

In this case, the parmodify command fails. This is because the nPartition would have 2 active cell boards, and therefore must have at least 2 active cores. With only one core usage right, the nPartition is out of compliance.

To activate the Instant Capacity cell board, and be in compliance, you must first purchase an additional core usage right (RTU), or deactivate a core in another partition if that is possible.