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Acquisition of Usage Rights (RTU) for Instant Capacity Cell Board

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Before activation of an (inactive) Instant Capacity cell board, you must acquire (purchase, or borrow from a GiCAP group) additional usage rights from HP. To purchase additional usage rights:

  • Order the appropriate HP Right to Use (RTU) product for the cell board for your specific class of HP server.

  • Order the appropriate HP Right to Use (RTU) product for the entire amount of Instant Capacity memory on the cell board.

  • Order the appropriate HP Right to Use (RTU) products for the number of additional cores you want to activate on the cell board. This number will depend on several factors (and in some cases may not be required), but you should examine this before ordering any cell board-related usage rights. See “Instant Capacity Cell Board and Considerations of Core Usage Rights” for more details about how to determine this number.

HP then sends you a letter that contains details on how to acquire RTU codeword(s*) for the purchased components. The letter also describes how to apply the codewords to the system to increase the usage rights on the complex. The steps are:

  1. Acquire the appropriate RTU codeword (cell board, memory, core*) from the Utility Pricing Solutions portal (http://www.hp.com/go/icap/portal)

  2. Apply the appropriate RTU codeword (cell board, memory, core*) using the icapmodify -C command

IMPORTANT: RTU codewords are based on both the serial number of a system and a unique sequencing value for that server. These codewords must be applied in the sequence in which they are obtained for a particular server. They can be applied to any partition on the server.

* Note that if multiple RTU products are purchased at one time, a single codeword may be generated that incorporates multiple usage rights for the different components.

For an alternative to purchasing usage rights, see Chapter 7 “Global Instant Capacity” for a discussion of GiCAP and how usage rights may be borrowed from other members of a GiCAP group on HP-UX systems.