HP Instant Capacity User's Guide for versions 8.x > Chapter 5 Temporary Instant Capacity

Tracking the Usage of Temporary Instant Capacity

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The icapstatus command provides the following temporary capacity information:

  • Amount of temporary capacity remaining (in days, hours, and minutes)

  • Number of cores using temporary capacity — this is the number of active cores without usage rights

  • Projected temporary capacity expiration date and time — this is based on the current temporary capacity consumption rate

You can find this information in the Instant Capacity Resource Summary section from the icapstatus command’s output.

Here is an example of temporary capacity information, from the Instant Capacity Resource Summary section of the icapstatus command’s output:

Example 5-3 Viewing Temporary Capacity Information from icapstatus Command Output (HP-UX)


Instant Capacity Resource Summary
Number of cells without usage rights:                                    0
Number of inactive cells:                                                0
Amount of memory without usage rights:                              0.0 GB
Amount of inactive memory:                                          0.0 GB
Number of cores without usage rights:                                    4
Number of inactive cores:                                                3
Number of cores that must be deactivated (insufficient usage rights):    1
Temporary capacity available:                 10 days, 1 hours, 40 minutes

Temporary Capacity Expiration Reminder

The Instant Capacity software calculates when the temporary capacity balance will expire, based on the current consumption rate. After the temporary capacity balance reaches a certain residual number of days (see “Temporary Instant Capacity Warning Period”), a reminder e-mail message is automatically sent to the system-contact, if one is specified, and root. These messages will be sent on a daily basis until temporary capacity has expired. Here is an example of a temporary capacity expiration reminder e-mail message:

Example 5-4 Temporary Capacity Expiration Reminder

To: root@par1.yourorg.com
Subject: Temporary Capacity Expiration Reminder

**** Failure to perform the following steps will result in the complex ****
**** attempting to deactivate cores on any booting partitions until    ****
**** the complex is in compliance with the Instant Capacity contract.  ****

This message is being sent to remind you that your Instant Capacity complex
(containing the partition krmt10b) has 3 cores currently consuming temporary
capacity (TiCAP) and that the temporary capacity balance at the current consumption rate is projected to expire on or around:
        05/31/05 16:00:00

You can view the current temporary capacity balance and consumption rate,
by using the icapstatus command.

To adjust the number of calendar days to receive the temporary capacity
warning before temporary capacity actually expires use: icapmodify -w

Before the temporary capacity balance runs out, you must perform one of the following steps:

1. Purchase additional temporary capacity and apply the temporary
   capacity codeword to the complex.
2. Deactivate cores until the number of inactive cores on
   the complex matches the number of cores without usage rights,
   reported by icapstatus.
3. Purchase additional core usage rights to match the number of cores
   currently consuming temporary, and apply the Right to Use
   codewords to the complex so that they can be permanently activated.

See the Instant Capacity User's Guide at /usr/share/doc/icapUserGuide.pdf
for more information.

Also note that the output from icapstatus during the warning period includes a warning about the expiration of temporary capacity.