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Temporary Instant Capacity Overview

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You can purchase an amount of temporary capacity (TiCAP) time for inactive cores without usage rights in your Instant Capacity system. Temporary capacity can be purchased in units of multiple processing-days. Temporary capacity allows one or more inactive cores to be activated for up to the specified period of pre-paid processing minutes, without requiring permanent usage rights for the core(s).

You can activate and deactivate inactive cores as you wish until the elapsed activation time equals your prepaid temporary capacity duration. For example, with a prepaid duration of 30 days of temporary capacity, you can activate one core for 30 days or four cores for one hour a day for 180 days (or any combination that totals 43,200 minutes).

Temporary capacity activations are persistent. That is, activations using temporary capacity survive in a partition that is rebooted. You must deactivate cores to stop consumption of temporary capacity. The cores deactivated need not be on the same partition as those you activated to start consuming temporary capacity.

NOTE: Temporary capacity credits may be used on any partition in the complex for which they were purchased. Temporary capacity credits are not transferable from one system to another, unless the systems are in the same Global Instant Capacity group.

If temporary capacity is depleted and you continue to have more active cores than core usage rights across the complex, on the next reboot of any partition in the complex the software will automatically deactivate one or more cores in order to bring the system into a state closer to compliance. The Instant Capacity software will deactivate as many cores as is necessary to either stop consumption of temporary capacity or to bring the partition to the minimum number of required active cores (one per active cell board).

IMPORTANT: Temporary Instant Capacity can only be used to activate Instant Capacity cores on a temporary basis. It cannot be used to activate Instant Capacity cell boards or Instant Capacity memory.

Figure 5-1 Using Temporary Instant Capacity: Rapid Activation of Components

Using Temporary Instant Capacity: Rapid Activation of Components