HP Instant Capacity User's Guide for versions 8.x > Chapter 4 Using Instant Capacity to Manage Processing Capacity

Software Application Considerations

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Some software applications size themselves based on the number of available cores when the application is started. If an application is running when an additional core is activated, it may not recognize the newly activated core as available for processing. Therefore, it may be necessary to do one of the following for optimal performance with this type of application:

  • Restart the application in order for it to recognize the presence of newly activated cores

  • Reconfigure the application, prior to it being restarted, for maximum performance benefits of the newly activated core

  • Use the deferred activation option when activating cores so that processors are only activated in conjunction with system reboots - see the HP-UX manpage icapmodify(1M) for details

IMPORTANT: When you activate a core, the number of active cores in the system increases. Consequently this may require a license upgrade for some of the software from HP or third party vendors on your system. A license may be required for software from other application providers.