HP Instant Capacity User's Guide for versions 8.x > Chapter 4 Using Instant Capacity to Manage Processing Capacity

Assigning a Cell to a Partition

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A cell can be assigned to a partition only if there are sufficient cell usage rights available across the complex, as well as sufficient memory usage rights to enable activation of all the memory on the cell, and sufficient usage rights for at least one core of the cell to be active.

When a cell is assigned to a partition in an Instant Capacity system, depending on the number of core usage rights available in the system when the cell is assigned, the number of intended active cores for the partition automatically changes. The following example of a single partition with one assigned and one unassigned cell illustrates this:

Table 4-1 Partition pre-modification state: One cell assigned with 3 active and 1 inactive cores, and available usage rights for 2 additional cores

Cell 1

Available Core Usage Rights





Table 4-2 Pre-modification state: Unassigned cell with 4 unused cores

Cell 2

Table 4-3 Partition post-modification state: Cell 2 assigned to partition

Cell 1Cell 2

When Cell 2 is assigned to the partition, the number of intended active cores for the partition is automatically changed to 5. When the partition is rebooted, 5 cores in the partition are activated.

In general, when an unassigned cell is assigned to a partition, the Instant Capacity software determines the number of available core usage rights in the complex and will use this number to activate as many cores as possible in the new cell. (This number will typically correspond to the icapstatus value for Additional cores that can be activated with current usage rights. This value must be nonzero in order to be able to assign an inactive cell to a partition.)

NOTE: Cell boards are assigned to specific partitions and cannot be shared between partitions. All cores on a cell board are accessible only by the partition to which the cell board is assigned. Cores on one cell board cannot be shared across multiple partitions.