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Applying a Right To Use (RTU) Codeword

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IMPORTANT: RTU codewords are based on both the serial number of a system and a unique sequencing value for that server. These codewords must be applied in the sequence in which they are obtained for a particular server. They can be applied to any partition on the server.

The following diagram illustrates the process of ordering iCAP components and ordering and applying usage rights.

Figure 4-1 Permanent Activation of Instant Capacity Components

Permanent Activation of Instant Capacity Components

Unless you have a balance of Instant Access Capacity or temporary capacity, additional usage rights must be acquired prior to activation of an inactive core. To purchase additional usage rights:

  1. Contact your HP sales representative to purchase the appropriate Instant Capacity Right to Use (RTU) product(s).

  2. Acquire a Right to Use (RTU) codeword from the Utility Pricing Solutions web portal (located at http://www.hp.com/go/icap/portal).

  3. Apply the RTU codeword using the icapmodify command with the -C option. Note that the -C option is in uppercase.

Here is an example session of applying a core RTU codeword using icapmodify -C:

Example 4-2 Applying a RTU Codeword (HP-UX)

/usr/sbin/icapmodify -C

The following valid codeword has been applied to the complex:

    Right to Use Codeword
    1 Cores

Use icapstatus(1M) to see the results of the application of this codeword.

NOTE: Application of Right to Use codewords does not result in the
    activation of components. Use icapstatus(1M) to see the results
    of the application of this codeword.

    For cores: Use icapmodify(1M) to activate the cores.

    For cell boards and memory: Use parmodify(1M) to activate cells
    by setting the use_on_next_boot flag to ‘y’ or use parmgr(1M).
NOTE: The application of the codeword increments the count of Additional cores that can be activated with current usage rights (limited by the Number of inactive cores) in the output of the icapstatus command.